BETA is the brainchild of five dynamic individuals behind the vibrant Malaysian-inspired Modern European restaurant, Skillet@163. BETA (in Greek βήτα or letter β) simply means #2 and a representation of the second outlet. In the Malaysian context, BETA is a royal salutation for kings or sultans, which basically means ‘I’ or ‘me’.

The duality of BETA is clearly reflected in the mélange of curated menu that represents the diverse flavors of Malaysian cuisine; quasi-authentic, exquisite and yet under-represented at times. BETA journeys into four distinct regions of Malaysia demarcated as North, South, East and West to bring a newly redefined gastronomic experience that embodies the hallmark palates of the different States in Malaysia. The ingredients and various unique elements paired together take you on a tantalizing tour across all corners Malaysia.

 If you are looking for something truly Malaysian, experience a delectable journey with us in one wholesome meal!